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• Internal recruitment 
• Agency to agency recruitment

Kidmore Recruitment was established to focus on assisting Consultants through to Directors exclusively in the Legal Recruitment industry.

Working with candidates in Legal Recruitment who are highly successful and focused on their clients and candidate means that they may not have a view of the options available for them in their own market.

With her expertise Catherine works with individuals to build a picture of who they are at work, what they like and dislike, what their strengths and development areas are and where they want to be now and in the future. We then use that information and discuss new environments based on their priorities and motivators. This does not automatically translate immediately to a new job outside of their current agency. It maybe that we come to the conclusion that for the coming 12 months, or longer, staying where you are to gain more experience or a promotion is the best next step and a review date will be decided upon.


Therefore Catherine's aim is always to build long term relationships with candidates.

The internal environment from agency to agency differs hugely and everyone needs something different to thrive. Whether you want to progress through the ranks up to Manager or Director, focus on establishing yourself as a market leader in the area you are dedicated to, or are looking to move your recruitment skills out of a sales environment in to a Law Firm Catherine can give you the overview to decide where you need to be to have the best tools to do that.


Catherine provides market information to compare roles and provide knowledge to help decide if there is another employer with whom you may get and add more value.

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